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Hope is a Global Mission Church

The Outreach Ministry of Hope went through a three-year process to discern whether Hope was already a Global Mission Church per the guidelines set forth by the Global Ministries program. Through this process, the Outreach Ministry came to the conclusion that Hope holds up the principles of being a Global Mission Church. In November 2014, the Church Council voted to affirm the Outreach Ministry’s conclusion and accepted the challenge to make Hope a Global Mission Church by formally signing a covenant statement with the Global Ministries program.

Please join us in our mission to participate in this ongoing process of learning, prayer and outreach as we connect with global and local partners to work for justice, reconciliation and peace.

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What is Global Ministries?
Global Ministries is the common witness of the UCC’s Wider Church Ministries (WCM) and the Disciples’ Division of Overseas Ministries (DOM). Our two denominations have a formal partnership through which the UCC and Disciples share common staff, budget, programs/projects, and governance in our presence and witness with international partners throughout the global community. Global Ministries is responsible for helping the UCC and Disciples engage in God’s mission beyond our national boundaries as we walk with our international partners and discern together God’s action in the world.

What is a global mission church?
A global mission church understands itself to be inter-related with the whole of God’s creation across all physical and human-made barriers and seeks to timely and appropriately meet God’s people and creation at the point of deepest need.

A Global Mission Church:

How was Global Ministries started?
Beginning in the 1960’s there were discussions about “joint action and of a possible administrative merger of the agencies.” These discussions led to experiments with joint offices and “common ministry” over the next several decades. In 1989, the General Synod of the UCC and the General Assembly of the Disciples each voted on a partnership resolution “to engage in mission together, wherever and whenever possible.” On January 1, 1996, Global Ministries was born.

Why is Global Ministries unique?
No two denominations in the United States have entered into covenantal partnership to do global mission together through a common structure as the Disciples and UCC have done through Global Ministries.

How many partners does Global Ministries have?
There are over 270 partner churches and organizations in about 70 countries around the world.

Who are Global Ministries’ international partners?
Autonomous churches historically related to the Disciples and UCC, as well as a variety of other denominations, ecumenical organizations, councils of churches, indigenous churches, educational and health care institutions, and sustainable development and human rights organizations join us in partnership.

What is Global Ministries’ current mission priority?Relying on the leading of God’s Spirit and responding in faith to the challenge of a rapidly changing world, Global Ministries adopted a strategic approach in April 2004, emphasizing Critical Presence in all phases of its mission. We understand Critical Presence “to be timely and appropriately meeting God’s people and creation at the point of deepest need: spiritually, physically, emotionally and/or economically.” In this approach to global mission, priority is given to ministries of accompaniment (various forms and modes of presence) with people in critical situations, which may include: