St. Louis, Missouri


2019 Strengthen the Church Special Mission Offering

Envelopes Available on Sunday, June 23



Strengthen the Church is a special mission offering that supports the expansion of ministry and growth of UCC local congregations. Your support of this offering will help the UCC fulfill on its commitment to creating a just world for all by investing in new ministries and practices that meet the emerging needs of local communities.

Shared at the conference and national levels, STC largely supports youth ministries and full-time leaders for new churches in parts of the country where the UCC voice has not been heard.

As God calls our congregations to be the church in new ways, our gifts will plant new churches, awaken new ideas in existing churches and develop the spiritual life in our youth and young adults. Because of this offering, many more will hear the good news that “God is Still Speaking.”

Our gifts to the Strengthen the Church special appeal are directed to our Missouri Mid-South Conference of the UCC, local church ministries and The Still Speaking Ministry for these purposes.

Conferences may use up to 50% of the offering received for local and regional Strengthen the Church efforts; Conference staff will provide information about the specific uses in mailings, electronic newsletters, e-mail messages and on the website.

In 2018, your support made possible:

Here at Hope we will distribute envelopes for this appeal on Sunday, June 23, 2019. We invite you to celebrate by giving to this year’s Strengthen the Church appeal. Your generous gift today ensures a vibrant church tomorrow.

Remember this important fact: participation in this appeal is part of the process which will allow our congregation to retain its standing as a “Five-for-Five Congregation” in 2019!