St. Louis, Missouri


Who We Are / What We Believe


No matter where you are on life’s journey,
you are invited to enter the big red doors of Hope United Church of Christ.
We are an open and affirming congregation.

We believe that every person is a child of God and all are welcome
regardless of race, economic background, marital status, gender or sexual orientation,
age, physical or mental ability, nationality or faith history.

It is our mission, inspired by God’s Holy Spirit,
to engage persons in living out the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Please come, for all things are ready.




Who We Are
Hope is a local congregation of the United Church of Christ. It was chartered in 1944 as Hope Evangelical and Reformed Church. In 1957, the national merger of the Evangelical and Reformed Church with the Congregational Christian Churches created the United Church of Christ denomination and we became Hope United Church of Christ.

Our heritage is born of hope—hope for religious freedom to live a life of faith without hierarchical constraints, hope grounded in a love of tradition, yet an openness to the future, hope as old as scripture, yet as new as next Sunday's opening hymn!

Feel free to visit our History page to discover more about the story of Hope UCC.

We are a community willing to stretch, grow, to see God's fingerprints on our lives and on this world - we are a heady mix of liberals and conservatives, of young and old, of newcomer and long-timer, of urban and suburban, of shared leadership styles and of lots of people doing lots of creative things together!

We are teachers, retirees, doctors, electricians, students, plasterers, school administrators, lawyers, laborers, artists, travel agents, police and firefighters, engineers and a zillion young children balanced by a marvelous anchor of elders.

Always exciting because of our diversity, but truly united in our quest to discern Christ's message of hope for our own time and circumstance.

Please stop by or contact us to learn more about this dynamic congregation of the United Church of Christ.


What We Believe
The center of gravity for defining hope is the New Testament. Out of the early church's response to the life, death and resurrection of God's Son, Jesus Christ, rises up meanings of the word Hope that frame this church's mandate and thereby frame and guide our hopes for Hope!  

Hope is a powerful biblical yearning. Multiple evangelists, pastors, travelers, authors in scripture leave us a glistening, complex set of interpretations of hope.  

The power of New Testament hope is fashioned from the intersection of God's transforming, gracious gift of Jesus Christ and our genuine, ongoing response to the unmerited gift of forgiveness, new life and love.

God is the author and source of all hope, its sustaining power, its unseen yet certain object. Because hope is God-grounded, God-sustained, God-directed, hope is a reality within which we dwell. That indwelling comes from Hebrew scripture, generations before the church's first tentative glimmerings; as psalmists and prophets declared that Israel's hope rested in the God who called and saved them.  

Biblical hope, grounded in God's decisive love in Jesus Christ, enables us to live in expectation, confidence, patience, endurance, eagerness, come what may.  

Why? Because God has acted decisively in Christ. Once and for all times. That is our portfolio, or ticket, or invitation to the feast in this life and into the next.  

We are a people grounded in the theology of Hope!


The Wider Church
Hope UCC is affiliated with national as well as regional organizations of the United Church of Christ.

United Church of Christ national web site

Missouri Mid-South Conference UCC web site