St. Louis, Missouri


2020 Ministry Leadership Teams


Church Council
Coordinates policy and programs of the church
Jim Richmann, President
Liaison to Finance and Insurance Ministry

Kathy Swaller, Vice President
Liaison to Hospitality Ministry

Robbie Van Nest, Treasurer

Ed Noud, Asst. Treasurer
Liaison to Open and Affirming Ministry
Liaison to Special Events Ministry

Phil Barbier, Secretary
Liaison to Evangelism & Communications Ministry

Emma Aughinbaugh, Asst. Secretary
Liaison to Pastoral and Staff Relations Ministry
Lonny Davis
Liaison to Outreach Ministry

Joyce Edinger
Liaison to Worship Ministry

Bethel Hale
Liaison to Youth and Children’s Ministries

Bob Praprotnik
Liaison to One Body Ministry

Shawn Ryan
Liaison to Building and Property Ministry

Ron Zimmer
Liaison to Stewardship Ministry


Building and Property Ministry
Ethan Hale, Chairperson

Care, operation, use and maintenance of facilities
Evangelism and Communications Ministry
Erik Hazel, Chairperson

Responsible for sharing the good news of Hope UCC with its members and the community
Finance and Insurance Ministry
Alice Galt, Chairperson

Oversight of investment and insurance policies
Hospitality Ministry
Carol Zimmer, Chairperson

Creates ways of welcome including fellowship time on Sundays
Open and Affirming Ministry
Ed Noud, Chairperson

Responsible for promoting Hope UCC as a welcoming place for the LGTB community
One Body Ministry
Paul Conner, Chairperson

Responsible for maintaining a personal “family” connection with Hope’s members and friends
Outreach Ministry
Clint McCann, Chairperson

Development and promotion of outreach/mission efforts
Pastoral and Staff Relations Ministry
Lynne McCall, Chairperson

Supports and maintains staff relationships
Special Events Ministry
Susie Richmann, Chairperson

Plans and coordinates a variety of special events
Stewardship Ministry
Aaron Wagner, Chairperson

Education and interpretation of stewardship issues
Worship Ministry
Jim Threlkeld, Chairperson

Responsible for service of worship, administration of music ministry, the sacraments, ushers, acolytes
and liturgists
Youth and Children’s Ministries
Sara Karcher, Chairperson

Responsible for educational programs for Youth and Children